My very first first-author paper, published in Physical Review B!

The top of the article

The top of the published article

It’s really out! I’ve been working on this article ever since I finished my master’s, and it finally got published. It turned out super well – I am so happy about this! My first first-author article in a scientific journal!

This is basically our reporting on the old hard X-ray measurements that I got to do my master’s thesis on – measurements of the staging superstructure observed in several different samples of single crystal LSCO+O. The measurements were done at several temperatures from down to 5-10 K, up to room temperature – giving us the opportunity to see how the staging appears at different temperatures depending on the doping in the samples. We also reported on the observed cooling rate dependence, which was found to depend on the amount of Sr doping in the samples.

You can see the full article via the DOI link:

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One of my figures used in a book

This is really cool! A few weeks ago I was contacted by Prof. Hagen Kleinert from Freie Universität Berlin, on whether he could use on of my figures from my master’s thesis in his next book. I was extremely honored, and now the book has come out, published as “Collective Classical and Quantum Fields”.

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Article in Physical Review B!

Top part of the paper

Top part of the published paper

Astrid put together this awesome paper on the work she’s been doing the last years. I helped with a bunch of the experiments back when I’d just started my PhD, so it is great to get it published too!

As a short description, the article is about the field dependence of the interplanar magnetic correlations in our LSCO-O sample. We found that the applied field enhanced the magnetic moments and increased the interplanar correlations (though only between neighboring planes). Also, these interplanar correlations could apparently also be forced through a fast cooling instead of an applied field.

The full article can be found through the DOI number:

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Courses on peer-review, writing techniques, and project management

This last week I have been following a (double) course arranged by the Dark Cosmology Center. They hired in the professional education company Tress&Tress, who arranged two of their courses right after each other – first two days on project management and scheduling, and then three days about writing techniques and the peer-review process in international scientific journals – under the titles “Coping with the challenges of a PhD” and “How to publish in peer-reviewed journals”.

These two people teaching, Dr. Bärbel Tress and Dr. Gunther Tress, were immensely inspiring – and both managed to make the classes interesting and worthwhile. I learned so much about the whole process of writing for scientific journals, as well as about the whole process of going through major projects like a PhD – and I’ll be able to use these new tools directly in my daily life. I can highly recommend to follow these courses if Tress&Tress ever near you!

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We just got an article in Neutron News!

This is my first scientific publication apart from my notes collection! Even though I’m not the first-author (Linda Udby did the writing), it’s still super cool! I made all of the figures, and we actually got the front page of the journal for that volume – which of course I also made!

Our Neutron News front page

Our Neutron News front page

You can see the publication via the DOI link:

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I published a new note collection as a small book!

I’ve now gotten a new version of my older notes collection for the MatIntro course published. It contains more equations, more and better solution approaches, and reworked illustrations – and it’s printed in color this time! Oh, and it’s published with a new publisher, since the old one was slow to print more copies… I actually got contacted by Polyteknisk directly, because people kept asking about my “little blue” note collection in their stores, and the old publisher couldn’t deliver copies fast enough – so they arranged for a takeover contract of a new version, and even made this beautiful graphics for the front page of the book!

One thing that I really like, is that the book binding is an actual paperback book binding this time, instead of the stapled together binding that the old publisher did. It makes it so much nicer to go through it, plus you can actually have it on a book shelf and find it again…

It is published as “Den lille blå – En grundlæggende matematisk formelsamling til MatIntro på KU“, by Polyteknisk Forlag (June 2012), with ISBN10: 8770782407, and ISBN13: 9788770782401.

They even, somehow, managed to set the price point a little lower than the price that the old one sells for at the moment. So a hint, if you want to buy my note collection for the course – you might as well get the new one. The old one is just getting pricier every day!

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