Here I am listing all of the papers and books/note collections that I have gotten published over the years. I will place the newest publications on top, just to keep the list relevant.

Note that apart from the two math note collections I have gotten published (these are the bottom two on the list on this page), I have also written a large number of freely available note collections, which can be downloaded from this website. See under the Note Collections menu point.

This article was my first first-author article, based on the work I did for my master’s thesis (with some extra finishing touches done since then). 

  • P. J. Ray, N. H. Andersen, T. B. S. Jensen, H. E. Mohottala, Ch. Niedermayer, K. Lefmann, B. O. Wells, M. v. Zimmermann, & L. Udby
  • Published in Physical Review B 96, page 174106, in 2017
  • DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.96.174106

We reported on our hard X-ray measurements of the staging superstructure observed in several different samples of single crystal LSCO+O. The measurements were done at a range of temperatures, giving us the opportunity to see how they appear at different temperatures depending on the doping in the samples. We also reported on the observed cooling rate dependence, which was found to depend on the amount of Sr doping in the samples.

Figure 2 from the staging article

Figure 2 from the paper, showing some of our peak-fitted data.

This article was written by Astrid Rømer, over a set of experiments of which I participated in several. 

  • A. T. Rømer, P. J. Ray, H. Jacobsen, L. Udby, B. M. Andersen, M. Bertelsen, S. L. Holm, N. B. Christensen, R. Toft-Petersen, M. Skoulatos, M. Laver, A. Schneidewind, P. Link, M. Oda, M. Ido, N. Momono, & K. Lefmann
  • Published in Physical Review B 91, page 174507, in 2015
  • DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.91.174507

In this article we report on the observed field dependence of the interplanar magnetic correlations in our specific sample. The applied field was seen to enhance the magnetic moments, as well as increase the interplanar correlations – although only between neighboring planes. It turned out that these interplanar correlations could also be forced through a fast cooling instead of an applied field.

Figure 4 from the c-axis article

Figure 4 from the paper, showing the elastic response at the IC position versus L in different applied fields.

Linda Udby was the main author on this article, presenting the work that we have been doing on our online e-learning platform for teaching of neutron scattering.

  • Linda Udby, Pia Jensen, Jesper Bruun, Peter Willendrup, Helmut Schober, Jürgen Neuhaus, Johan Sejr Brinch Nielsen, Jörg Pulz & Kim Lefmann
  • Published in Neutron News 24:1, page 18, in 2013
  • DOI: 10.1080/10448632.2013.751795

This article was written as a form of introduction to the e-learning project (back then called VNT, but now it goes under the name The three main parts of the education page (wiki textbook, interactive quizzes, and live simulations run from a browser window) are presented in an overview.

One more thing worth mentioning, is that we actually got the front page of the publishing issue of Neutron News, for which I made the figure. I’m super proud of that!

Neutron news article figure 1

Figure 1 from the paper, illustrating the tools of interaction between the teacher, student, and material in our e-learning platform.

Den lille blå
- En grundlæggende matematisk formelsamling til MatIntro på KU

This is an improved version of the earlier note collection, published by a different publisher, since the former publishing house got swallowed up by a publisher that focused more on books for the humanities and less on science. 

  • Pia Jensen
  • Published by Polyteknisk Forlag in 2012
  • ISBN: 978-87-50210-72-6
    (1st edition: 978-87-70782-40-1)

I made several small corrections to the manuscript, and we printed it in color instead of greyscale – and bound the now 37-page booklet as a proper paperback – making for a much nicer noteset to look up things in.

One of the graphical designers at the publisher also made a slightly over-the-top cool looking front page for the noteset, using one of the figures I had made, together with the new name, “Den lille blå” meaning “The little blue”. This new name refers to how the students would typically ask for my old book in the book stores, since it was indeed small and blue. 

The noteset has been reprinted several times since its publication, and a second edition came out in August 2014 – with a few corrections of spelling mistakes (and a single error in an equation, which was nicely pointed out by a student a few months earlier).

The noteset can be bought in most book stores that cater to university students, as well as online – for example on the publisher’s website.

MatIntro Den Lille Blå front page

The beautiful blue front page that was made for the noteset by the publisher.

Formelsamling til MatIntro på Københavns Universitet
– grundlæggende matematik for førsteårsstuderende på de naturvidenskabelige uddannelser

Notes and equations collection for the first-year math course for the science bachelor students at the University of Copenhagen.

  • Pia Jensen
  • Published by Forlaget SB in 2008
  • ISBN: 978-87-91433-62-7

I have always learned the most from my studying sessions by writing down things for myself – so when studying for the tests during the calculus course MatIntro on my first university year, I ended up making myself a rather comprehensive collection of equations and solution strategies.

A friend suggested that I’d try to get it published, since the notes could be helpful for other students when taking the course – and going to the tests. I got in contact with the publisher that ran the book store on campus back then, Forlaget SB, and asked if they would be interested. To my huge surprise, they were very eager, and the result was this 30-page long publication, printed in black and white with a stapled spine. The following years I had the delight of seeing the little blue book all over the study areas on campus, especially during the times when the MatIntro course was running. 

The noteset can still be bought here and there in book stores near university locations, but also online – for example on However, I recommend getting the new book (above this entry) instead, since it is better – and in most cases also cheaper.

MatIntro notesæt forside

The standard look front page for the note set, put together by the publisher to fit with their normal lineup of university-relevant published books.